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DARIAH national tools&services editathon - 9 to 13 October

Nnational tools & services from DARIAH countries are now in the SSH Open Marketplace ! The Marketplace entries are then used to populate the newly launched DARIAH tools and services catalogue! Browse it to discover what is in the DARIAH offer and what is visible for your country:

Are your resources in the SSH Open Marketplace? Are they well described?

Entries are not always perfectly filled-in and could benefit from yours and your team expertise. This is why DARIAH ERIC is organising an SSH Open Marketplace edit-a-thon to improve the metadata description of DARIAH national tools and services, between October 9 to October 13!

Here is the planning of this action:

  • Monday 9 October, at 14h CET - Editathon opening session You will be introduced to the new DARIAH tools & services catalogue and explain how to proceed to improve your national records in the catalogue.

  • From Tuesday to Friday, at 14h CET - check-in meetings. If you have questions regarding the best way to fill-in the metadata fields, if you are stuck adding an image to your record, or would like to improve the description of a tool, come to discuss your issues with us, everyday at 14h! As with the introductory session, you may attend or send any national staff members who might have questions.

Interested to participete in this joint effort? Reach out to


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