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Baladria Summer School: Methods for Digital Humanities

The Baladria Summer School has been initiated by the Linnaeus University (Sweeden), precisely the iInstitute from the iSchool affiliated with the Digital Transformation Knowledge Environment, and is organized in collaboration with the Department of Information Sciences at the University of Zadar (Croatia).

The aim of this summer school is to learn about digital research methods to address research questions from the humanities. The course gives an overview of the impact of digitisation on the way research is conducted, an insight into a range of the different digital methods, as well as an awareness of difficulties related to the methods/tools. The course will cover several methods/tools, with students engaging in hands-on activities and sharing their findings throughout the course. In the final project of the course, the student has the option to focus on specific digital methods and tools.

Most teaching is conducted online using the current online teaching platform with obligatory one week of in-person teaching at the University of Zadar in Croatia. Students will be responsible for arranging and covering travel and accommodations costs. Teaching comprises lectures and workshops.

When and where

12-16 June - Online, asynchronously (obligatory)


22 June - 3 July - Online, asynchronously (obligatory)

For more information, please write to the course coordinator: Prof. Koraljka Golub.


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