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Call for projects for DARIAH Working Groups (2023-2025)

DARIAH ERIC has opened its 4th call for projects dedicated to - and open only to - the DARIAH Working Groups.

The call acknowledges the strategic role of Working Groups in DARIAH, which represent one of the four pillars of the DARIAH activities. Funding allocated under this scheme is intended to support the activities of established DARIAH Working Groups (WGs) that are currently active.

The call intends to:
  • offer practical support for their programmes

  • encourage WGs to put forward innovative ideas

  • encourage WGs to seek synergy by collaborating with each other

  • encourage WGs to build up capacity to suggest new services, tools or training activities

  • encourage WGs help develop and sustain existing ones.

Timeline and important dates
  • Information session : Thursday, September 14th, 2023 - 15-17 CEST

  • Submission deadline: Thursday, October 12th, 2023

Read more here.

Not part of a DARIAH WG?

If you are not involved in a DARIAH WG, but would like to be, there are two options:

  • join an existing WG; see list here

  • create an WG; see procedure here


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