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Open GLAM CH Working Group


The OpenGLAM CH Working Group brings together representatives of heritage institutions, NGOs, research and education, service providers, and funding institutions, in order to promote and facilitate the adoption of the OpenGLAM Principles in Switzerland. 


  • The OpenGLAM Principles have been adopted by the international OpenGLAM Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation in 2013 and stipulate how heritage institutions shall support the advance of humanity’s knowledge by opening up their collections. Read here.

The OpenGLAM CH Working Group functions as a loose network of OpenGLAM related projects. 

Activities of the OpenGLAM CH Working Group:

  • Hackathons: Once a year, the Swiss OpenGLAM Working Group brings together data providers, software developers, digital humanists, artists, Wikimedians/Wikipedians, and other interested people in order to experiment how cultural data and content can be used for research purposes, for web and mobile apps, in the context of Wikipedia, for artistic re-mixes, or for other forms of re-use. 

    • Upcoming Hackathon: 6-7 September 2024, at ZHB in Luzern. Read here

    • Pre-event: Workshop GLAM & Digital Humanities (15:15 – 17:15) organised to prepare the launch of the DARIAH-CH GLAM WG

  • The OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey is an online survey that has been conducted among heritage institutions throughout the world during 2014-2016. Read here.

  • Sum of all Swiss GLAMs aims to improve the information about heritage institutions on Wikidata and to promote the use of this information on Wikipedia and in other projects. The goal is to achieve a complete and high-quality inventory of heritage institutions and make this information available on an international level. Read here.

OpenGLAM CH is a working group of the Association

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