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GLAM Working Group


The GLAM Working Group’s mission is to strengthen the cooperation between the Heritage Sector, the Cultural Sector, Public Administration, and the Digital Humanities in the area of data and data infrastructures.


It follows a Thematic Data Ecosystems approach, covering the key aspects of thematic data ecosystems, namely

(i) data sharing;

(ii) interoperability & shared infrastructures;

(iii) stakeholder involvement;

(iv) economic sustainability.


It is committed to the principles of Open GLAM [1] and Open Science [2] and strives towards the establishment and curation of Global Digital Public Goods [3], both in terms of data and software infrastructures [4].    







Objectives for 2025-2028:


  • Create the working group by drawing on the Swiss Open GLAM Working Group ( association) and the DARIAH CH Network

  • Agree on an action plan, and start implementing it.

  • Coordinate with related initiatives at the European level, especially thematic working groups, such as the DARIAH Theatralia WG, and others. 

The working group is lead by Beat Estermann (Bern University of Applied Sciences).

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