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Open calls for OSCARS project

Updated: Mar 11

Fostering the uptake of Open Science in Europe

OSCARS (short for Open Science Clusters’ Action for Research and Society) is an EU project that aims to ensure the uptake of EOSC (short for European Open Science Cloud) by research communities from all 5 science clusters, which are Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Photon and Neutron Science, Astronomy, Nuclear and Particle Physics.

The OSCARS project (2024-2028) now opens two rounds of cascading-grants to fund smaller and more targeted projects, which will contribute to reaching out the expected results of OSCARS.

Practical information about the open calls:

  • Target user communities: science cluster and wider community (RIs, universities, institutes, either consortia or individual researchers)

  • There are two calls: one in spring (open 15 March, submissions within 60 days) and one in fall 2024 (opens in November, submission within 60 days).

  • 10 pages max. for the proposal (read more in the attached slides)

  • Budget: 100'000-250'000 euros per project

  • Duration: 1-2 years

  • Evaluation criteria: project description (clear objectives, towards FAIR and open), scientific impacts (multiple RIs / cross-cluster), digital resources (use of EOSC services / new EOSC services) and implementation (realistic within the budget)

In case of success, Swiss projects or Swiss partners of bigger consortia will receive funds directly from OSCARS (EU-funds).

More info about OSCARS and cascading-grants can be found here.

Anyone interested in preparing a project is invited to reach out to the DARIAH-CH Coordination Office (email) by March 10, 2024 for the first call and by October 15, 2024 for the second call.


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