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Online conference: Programming and Data Infrastructure in Digital Humanities

DARIAH ERIC announces the Programming and Data Infrastructure in Digital Humanities conference, which will take place online, on March 27-29, 2023.

Programming in Digital Humanities (DH) is one of the most challenging topics in this field of knowledge and research. Unfortunately, a significant number of DH’ers coming from areas of knowledge such as literature, philology, history, etc., still experience great difficulties when it comes to use programming languages to handle their data and display it. This meeting aims to address these difficulties and discuss the latest developments associated to programming in DHs by bringing together scientists from different areas within the community.

This online conference is organized by the High-Performance Computing Chair, which is a R&D infrastructure (based at the University of Évora), endorsed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and involving a consortium of higher education institutions, research centres, enterprises, and public/private organisations.

Scientific Topics

The meeting program covers several fundamental topics in the field of programming in Digital Humanities, such as:

  • Data programming infrastructures

  • Data handling and analytics (small or big data)

  • Programming languages, e.g., Python, Julia, R

  • Programming stylistics

  • Using artificial intelligence

  • Training human resources in programming in DHs

Registration is open until March 23, 2023. Read more about the programme, the invited speakers and register here.


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