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Final release of the SSH Open Marketplace!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The team behind the SSH Open Marketplace, led by DARIAH-EU and DARIAH partner institutions and stakeholders, is proud to present the final release of the platform. Developed within the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud project (SSHOC), the SSH Open Marketplace is a resource platform for academics and scholars of the social sciences and humanities.

Currently, the SSH Open Marketplace hosts more than 5,000 records while the range of covered resources spans from tools and services, training materials, datasets, publications and workflows. The Marketplace database relies on continuous contextualisation and community curation, inviting users to enrich and extend the existing content. Not only will community curation be of benefit to the SSH domain, but it will also serve the larger European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) so that the content and its creators can gain visibility in many other disciplines.

The three European Research Infrastructures CESSDA, CLARIN, and DARIAH have taken responsibility for the sustainability of the SSH Open Marketplace after the end of the project and will work on extending the user base and the content of the service.

Explore the SSH Open Marketplace:


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