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DARIAH Innovation Forum #2 in Dublin: Bringing Together DARIAH and the Industries


The second DARIAH Innovation Forum will take place on November 3, from 9:30 to 19:00 GMT in Dublin, Ireland.

During this packed 1-day event panel presentations, a keynote and an innovation challenge will highlight DARIAH’s relations with traditional and digital industries.


The 2022 Innovation Forum will focus on the question of how a research infrastructure such as DARIAH can play a greater role in facilitating the arts and humanities to have ground-breaking impact on technological development, creating truly human-centred innovation and policy, and an ethical and engaging marketplace for culture.

The event will feature panel presentations from major multinational industry players, including Ernst and Young and ReD Associates, creative and cultural SMEs such as Noho and Kinzen, forward-thinking academic projects such as the Cassandra Project and the Human + Programme, and recognised arts and culture incubators and facilitators such as Gluon, IMEC and i2CAT.

The 2022 DARIAH Innovation Forum brings together researchers and the creative industries, exploring how best to promote the arts and humanities to industry players and beyond.

The event will strengthen and further explore cooperations of DARIAH and traditional industries associated with Arts and Humanities, like design and media, as well as new industries, like consultancy, game development and social media, plus emerging technologies like VR and AR.

Innovation Challenge

In addition to the range of panels and keynotes we will feature on the day, we will also be featuring the results of our unique Arts and Humanities Innovation Challenge: an open competition inviting experts in the arts and humanities to submit their solutions to a culturally embedded, but ultimately economically relevant, ‘wicked’ problem. More information on this challenge can be found here. Submit your responses by October 17!

Taking place in one of Europe’s Richest Cultural Centre

Dublin has been recognised as one of the top cities in the world for arts and culture thanks to its many museums, libraries and rich literary heritage. It thus offers a vibrant environment of cultural events, artistic interventions and performance productions, creative neighbourhoods and culinary venues for the DARIAH Innovation Forum.

The Programme and the Registration form can be found here.


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