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Call for Applications: DARIAH is looking for a new VCC2 head


DARIAH ERIC is calling for applications for a vacant VCC (Virtual Competence Centre) head position for: VCC2 – Research and Education Liaison

Main tasks and responsibilities of VCC heads

Together with DARIAH’s Chief Integration Officer, all VCC heads form the Joint Research Committee (JRC), one of the operational bodies in the DARIAH governance. The JRC organises the scientific and technical integration of DARIAH activities. More particular its members:

  • work closely with the DARIAH Working Groups, monitor their activities and accredit new ones

  • advise the DARIAH Board of Directors and the DARIAH Coordination Office in strategic matters

  • participate in the annual DARIAH Strategic Days

  • act in the Programme Committee of the DARIAH Annual Event

The JRC meets every two months virtually, and at least once in a year face to face. Primarily, the VCC function is a great way to engage in DARIAH and to shape its future. We expect from the new VCC head affinity and experiences in the area she/he applies for (that is for VCC2 Research and Education), next to innovative ideas on the directions the DARIAH community should go to and how.

Interested? Have a look here for more information and application procedure.

Application deadline: January 15, 2023


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