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ATRIUM project "Advancing Frontier Research in the Arts and Humanities"

Successfully Launched in February 2024

DARIAH was delighted to host the kick-off meeting for ATRIUM (Advancing Frontier Research in the Arts and Humanities) in Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin, from 1st-2nd February.

This four year project will exploit and strengthen complementarities between four leading European infrastructures: DARIAH (digital arts and humanities), ARIADNE (archaeology), CLARIN (languages) and OPERAS (social sciences), in order to improve workflows and access to the state-of-the-art services available to researchers across countries, languages, domains and media pertaining to archaeological research.

ATRIUM will align itself with various initiatives such as the OSCARS Project, by providing a holistic framework for data access and organisation. Its workflows will be created using the SSH Open Marketplace templates, and interoperability with EOSC (the European Open Science Cloud) is a key priority for the services that ATRIUM will facilitate, by making them interoperable and ensuring the workflows are integrated.

One of ATRIUM’s goals is to facilitate the development and delivery of training for digital humanities researchers. One component of this will be to make a skills requirements assessment through surveys, desk research, interviews and currently available data from previous projects in order to develop a curriculum to support cross-disciplinary research, which will then be available on DARIAH-Campus.

You can follow @ATRIUM_EU on Twitter/X and check on DARIAH EU website for the new ATRIUM website launch soon.


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