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Infrastructure Working Group


In relation to its mission and objectives formulated for 2025-2028, DARIAH-CH launched a new WH whose aim is to build and maintain an internationally distributed infrastructure for the arts and humanities to process research data in the spirit of Open Science.


An “infrastructure for the arts and humanities” is defined as follows: an infrastructure that serves the needs of arts and humanities, produces, enriches, stores data, sustainably offers service, and (potentially) open to Swiss-based scholars. Given the history of the DARIAH-CH consortium, the focus is on the arts and humanities with the willingness to coordinate and integrate with infrastructures of adjacent sectors (e.g., cultural and cultural heritage sectors).

This common infrastructure will be developed according to the requirements of existing technology standards and best practices and allow for the easiest possible data production and reuse. 

It will consist of

  1. DaSCH who has the mandate to archive and preserve complex Humanities data.

  2. Other national discipline-specific infrastructures cooperating in a federalist way concerning funding, provision of services to the scientific community, training and education, and technical aspects (interoperability, API, automatic workflows).

  3. If possible, infrastructures of adjacent sectors (e.g., cultural heritage sector)


The common infrastructure shall be funded jointly by the consortium members, who may cooperate in order to submit joint funding proposals. 

The working group is lead by Tobias Hodel (University of Bern) and will be active starting with autumn 2024.

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