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Digital Editions Working Group


DARIAH-CH Working Group Editions aims to create a forum for all those who are involved in any form of digital editing broadly defined. The group does not privilege a particular technology, approach, type of document or institutional context. Instead, it aims to provide a meeting place for the editing community, where exchange can happen and problems can be discussed.

The Working Group aims to meet twice a year in person and online. The working group is lead by Elena Chestnova (Università della Svizzera italiana), with the support of Tobias Hodel (University of Bern) and Rita Gautschy, director of DaSCH


1. The DaSCHCon on Digital Editions & Interoperability was organised by DaSCH on March 22, 2023, online and at the University of Bern. This DaSCHCon ist devoted to capturing the needs of digital editions with a focus on technical developments. You can find here the full programme

2. The conference Open Up Digital Editions will take place on January 25 and 26, 2024 in Zurich and will be hosted by the Center for Digital Editions (UZH) and the Research and Infrastructure Support unit RISE (University of Basel). The conference will focus on the use and re-use of digital editions and edition data. Everyone interested in digital scholarly editions is cordially invited to submit a contribution. All information, including how to submit a contribution, can be found on the conference website. Organisers of the conference: Yann Stricker (ZDE) and Elena Spadini (RISE).

3. The kick-off meeting of the Working Group will take place on September 25 at 4PM on Zoom. If you want to attend, please register below to the mailinglist. 


To register to the DARIAH Working Group Editions mailing list, please send an email to and write "subscribe" as subject line. 

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